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        Atlas Spotlight Video

        Tour the Atlas and see how the power slide-out, Murphy Suite bed, and spacious rear bathroom make this touring coach ready for any journey.

        Power slide-out Murphy suite

        If you can’t imagine a day without your creature comforts, you’ll be right at home in the Atlas?. While you’re traveling, you have plenty of room for passengers to ride along on the sofa and use the aisle. And when you get settled, you can extend the slide-out and pull down a large Murphy bed for a truly great night’s sleep, plus lovely extras like reading lights and shelves for your books and glasses.

        Hideaway Samsung? Smart TV

        Whether you’re tailgating, entertaining friends, or just having a movie night, the Atlas’ 40” Samsung LED Smart TV with a built-in sound bar is perfect. When you’re not using it, it stays tucked inside the entertainment cabinet under the Corian? countertop. Then, you simply push a button and it rises into position, right across from the sofa or Murphy bed.

        Airstream Air Ride Suspension

        The rear of the Atlas is equipped with our exclusive Air Ride Suspension which adjusts itself to bumps in the road, changes in elevation, and changes in wind resistance, so you can enjoy a smooth ride, mile after mile.

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