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        Atlas? Murphy Suite

        Starting at $235,714

        Discover the best in luxury.

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        From luxurious Mercedes-Benz? Sprinter van features to smart, enduring Airstream design, the Atlas is a thing of beauty. Take a closer look at all the features, specs, and more.

        Best-in-class comes standard

        Airstream and Mercedes-Benz are two brands who never compromise. That’s what makes our partnership so seamless. It’s also why we build more than 50 best-in-class features into every single touring coach – as the standard, not the upgrade. We include every Mercedes-Benz safety and performance feature, and add our own proven convenience, design, and luxury features from 80+ years of RV experience. We know every single choice makes a difference in helping people have a life-changing travel experience. And that will always be our first priority.