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        Tommy Bahama?
        Relax Edition

        2019 Tommy Bahama? starting at $85,400
        2019 Tommy Bahama? Icon_ArrowDown

        If beach style makes you feel instantly more relaxed, you’ll find a kindred spirit in the Airstream Tommy Bahama Relax Edition Travel Trailer. Two brands that are committed to living the good life come together in a trailer that feels as inviting and easygoing as it does luxurious. Take the beach vibes with you, no matter where you’re?headed.

        All good things come to an end

        Special Editions don’t last forever, and we’re officially sunsetting the Tommy Bahama Relax Edition. But it’s far from the only Airstream with unique style. In fact, if you love the Relax Edition, you should take a look at the Globetrotter. It’s ultra modern, yet still approachable and relaxed. You’ll notice the style when you first step inside, and it continues to impress as you discover the little details that make a difference. And if the Relax Edition’s rear hatch catches your eye, you can now get the same hatch on the 27FB Globetrotter, too.

        See Globetrotter

        19′ to 27′





        sleeps up to


        floor plan options

        Stunning rear hatch

        Completely opens up the back of the trailer

        Polk? Factory-tuned Stereo

        Bluetooth?, Satellite, CD, and AM/FM

        Light-up Bar Top

        Turns a beautiful ocean blue

        Matte-finish Wood Cabinetry

        Warm wood tones throughout

        USB and 110V Outlets

        Charge devices and use appliances with ease

        Special Tommy Bahama Graphics

        Window, wall, locker, and awning accents

        Why Airstream

        Quality that lasts for generations

        Airstream travel trailers from the 1930s are still on the road today. How? Because we build our products the right way – not the easy way.

        Timeless modern design

        Airstream travel trailers have long been an icon of clean, streamlined design that turns heads on the highway.